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Introducing the PC-BOD™ Mini with AutoMax™73


Biolab and MANTECH is pleased to announce the release of the PC-BOD™ Mini with AutoMax™73.
The PC-BOD Mini enables laboratories to prepare and analyze samples for BOD5 biochemical oxygen demand tests. It is specifically designed for laboratories analyzing 5 - 50 bottles per day, with initials run 3, 5 or 7 days per week depending upon laboratory operations and weekend workflow.
The PC-BOD Mini has all the advantages and benefits of the PC-BOD with AutoMax™122, but with a slightly smaller sampler, resulting in a significantly lower cost.


PC-BOD™ Mini, the perfect size for the smaller laboratory

With a capacity of 11x300ml bottles, it is the ideal choice for laboratories that run only a few BOD samples per day. The PC-BOD software is the same software that environmental laboratories trust day in and day out to produce accurate, precise BOD5 results that stand the test of time.
Key Features and Benefits of the MANTECH PC-BOD™ Mini System:

Follows US EPA, Standard Methods and ISO approved methods
Durable, reliable system delivers results that stand the test of time
Innovative Autorun buttons simplify operation
Automated import/export from/to LIMS
Easily add more samples to the batch while running
Automated dilution water, seed and inhibitor addition
Automated Rinsing
Standard YSI probe
Follows 21st edition of Standard Methods allowing seed to be added after 2/3 dilution water volume has been added, followed by filling to the neck with dilution water
Lightweight, easy to handle 11x300ml racks
Quick and easy sample set creation
Pre-defined sample sets including blanks, seeds and GGA’s
Capability to analyze BOD and CBOD samples in the same batch
Automates 5 and 7-Day BOD analysis methods



The powerful PC-BOD software is flexible enough to be setup to adapt to your protocol requirements, but simple enough to be used on a daily operational level by technicians. Please click here for more information.




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