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Rheosense microVISC™ Viscometer

microVISC™ — Portable, Small Sample Viscometer






microVISC™ is the ultimate solution for your routine viscosity measurements. This portable and small sample viscometer is intuitively designed so that users can start operating within one minute. It employs RheoSense's patented Viscometer/Rheometer-on-a-Chip (VROC®) technology and offers accurate and repeatable viscometry measurements, using sample size as little as 100 microliters.

Battery-operated and portable, microVISC™ can be deployed at any laboratory location or in the field. microVISC™ has been adopted by leading companies worldwide as their choice for quick, easy, and rapid viscometric measurements. High precision and accuracy saves time and resources.

Small Sample Volumes
Rapid Viscosity Measurements (Less than One Minute!)
Accuracy Up to 2% of Reading — Low Viscosity to High Viscosity
Repeatable Viscosity Measurement, Up to 1% of Reading
Reading Resolution x 0.001 mPas
Weighs only 1.6 lb — Portability

Minimum Sample Volume 100 µL
Shear Rate Range, s-1 1.7 ~ 5,800
Viscosity Range, mPa-s (cP) 0.2 ~ 20,000
Temperature Range
(with Optional Temperature Controller) 18 ~ 50 °C
Portable Yes
Accuracy 2% of Reading
Repeatability 0.5% of Full Scale
Temperature Sensor Built-In
Software Optional
Non-Newtonians? Yes
Temperature Accuracy 0.15







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