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The Munich company RECIPE Chemicals + Instruments was found in 1982. Since the end ot the 80ies, RECIPE is involved in the HPLC analytics of body fluids for the purpose of clinical diagnostics (in vitro diagnostics). Our products serve for the diagnosis of affections, for therapeutic drug monitoring or are used for the biomonitoring in the field of occupational and environmental medicine. Today, with customers in around 40 countries world wide, our company belongs to the leading suppliers of this special analytic scope.


According to our business concept we claim to offer complete solutions for the HPLC analytics. For this purpose the products of our chemistry and instrument line complement one another in an optimal manner.

ClinRep® and ClinTox® HPLC complete kits

ClinRep® and ClinTox® HPLC complete kits are reagent kits for the determination of diagnostically relevant markers. The complete kit contains all chemical reagents being required for the performance of the analytical test procedure, that means all reagents needed for sample preparation and for analytical chromatography. Our HPLC complete kits are designed for the reliable performance within the daily laboratory routine and are suitable for all conventional HPLC systems.

ClinLab® Instruments

Our ClinLab® product line includes modular HPLC instruments for the clinical routine analysis. These modular components are building your HPLC system adapted to the requirements of the analytical procedure. Moreover, we are offering accessories and services for HPLC systems.

ClinTest®-, ClinCal®- and ClinChek® products

These products serve for the quality assurance of your analytical results and therefore provide the basis for a reliable instrumental analytics:

ClinTest® : System-check of your HPLC system prior to the first sample injection.

ClinCal® : Calibration of the HPLC system with a matrix-calibrator.

ClinChek® : Quality control by use of matrix.




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