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Picodrop 200




Picodrop200 allows the user to maintain the highest levels of user and sample protection and eliminate the risk of cross contamination or carry-over on the sample platform.

The advanced polymer technology used to make the UVpette tips ensures precise UV absortion measurements between 220nm and 950nm, making it ideal for applications involving nucleic acid, protein or microarray dye concentration determination.

For a comprehensive stand-alone solution the Pico200 provides a built-in screen with additional options including printer, SD Card slot and Bluetooth PC communication.




The choice of using electronic or the manual pipette, ensures you can maximise throughput without compromising reproducability or quality of results.

As an optional extra we offer a 10mm cuvette holder which is compatible with all standard cuvettes. The cuvette holder does not require a dark environment and is compatible with standard cuvettes from 10mm to 1mm pathlength.


Additionally, the cuvette holder can be used with the Helma tray cell for microvolume applications.


Specifications PicoDrop 200 :

Path Length1mm to 10mm
Sample Volume    
typically 2µl

Lamp (av.life 6yrs)   
Pulsed Xenon
Detector Type    
CCD with Dual Circuit for background cancellation
hotometric Linearity    
< 1% @ 546nm
Photometric Range (10mm equiv.)
0.02 - 22 AU
Wavelength Range P100    
220 - 950nm
Type of Control Onboard Software and Screen
Wavelength Reproducability
T1nm Spectral Bandwidth    
Absorbance Precision    
0.003 (1nm)
Detection Limit (DNA) - tip    
3 - 1200ng/µl
Detection Limit (DNA) - cuvette    
0.4 - 120ng/µl
Detection Limit (BSA) - tip    
0.1 - 25mg/ml
Detection Limit (BSA) - cuvette    
0.02 - 2.5mg/ml
Read Time    
3 seconds
Dimensions (cm)    
4.2 kg
Integrated Printer or via PC
Digital Output    
USB, Bluetooth, SD card
Robotic Control    
Onboard & PVC export
Protein Settings     
Direct & Indirect









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