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CapIt - Capper for Gilson ASPEC SPE DEC


Easy mounting of caps on columns for the ASPEC. The high pressure needed to seal the caps correctly can now be reached easy with the CapIt.

No tired fingers any more when loading an ASPEC with columns.

Easy to use just place the caps on top of the columns placed in the DEC and place it into the CapIt, Press gently the handle down and the caps are sealed perfectly.

CapIt is safe to use and can be used for all SPE size columns / Plates.

Robust design.


• Fits all size columns (1ml, 3ml and 6ml).
• Adapter for Mt-plates.
• Adapter for Mt-plate seal.

• Right/left handed, ergonomic good.
• Y2K Compliant.
• Order number: Spec-dse.
• Weight: 3.5 kg.


Spec-dse Dual SPE Evaporator with individuel control of gasflow on each head (101,103 or 106). Order heads separately

Spec-dse-1  Evaporation head for Collect: Gilson 1 ml (36 nozzles) 
Spec-dse-2  Evaporation head for Collect: Gilson 3 ml (20 nozzles) 
Spec-dse-3  Evaporation head for Collect: Gilson 6 ml  (15 nozzles) 
Spec-dse-4  Evaporation head for MTP  (96 nozzles) 
Spec-dse-5  3ml collect alu block for OD 12mm tubes  (20 holes) 
Spec-dse-6  6ml collect alu block for GL4 OD 18/8 conical vials  ( 4x4 holes)





Solid Phase Extraction - SPE



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