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Biolab AWS - Automated Weighing Station

AWS - Automated Weighing Station




AWS is a powerful automated weighing station with integrated automated bar-code reading. The performance gives very fast readings and up to 130 tubes / hour can be processed. Advanced automated dilution with reference to weight , with full report with tare weight and final weight. In Total a complete High capacity Automated weighing station with extended capabilities.


• Septum piercing – even vacutainer tubes ect.

• No vaporation - No need for de capping tubes.

• Automated barcode reading.

• Full report with tara weight and final weight.

• Option: added solution calculated or weight measurements.

• Up to 130 tubes / hour.

• Vortex-mixer optional.

• Versatility of using up to 384 (12x75 mm) test tubes, 280 (16x100 mm) test tubes.

• Optional: HPLC vials 2ml, 4ml, 6 ml and 8 ml with caps.

• Advanced automated dilution with reference to weight.

• Accurate weighing 0.1 mg  (0.01 mg optional.)

• Custom or standard racks available to support you in your laboratory.

• Advanced Software Control.


Barcode reading is done while the tube is rotated in the 1. pos. of the Balance rack (BARCODE READER).

Then the tube is moved into the balance measurement compartment.

Automated dilution of samples relative to the weight measured.

The measured value is read inside a Special task which use the value to calculate the volume needed to make the dilution.

Tara weights of empty vials and dilution of the powder put into the vials relative to the amount. Barcode tracking required.







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