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Gilson GX-281 SemiPrep II – Auto Multi Step Protein Purifier

Gilson GX-281 SemiPrep II – Auto Multi Step Protein Purification



Gilson GX-281 SemiPrep II is a complete LC-system that automate purifications with both normal-phase and reversed-phase columns and runs with low pressure gel columns typical used within the protein purification. GX-281 SemiPrep II The system has various detection capabilities such as UV/Vis, conductivity, pH, ELSD, MS or RI.

Components embedded in the system allows automatic execution of successive purifications, such as desalination, ion exchange, and in C18 column purification. The system will automatically start injecting the previous collected fraction, and automatically inject the collected volume.

Unik design of the injection system and possibility to do reinjection of collected fractions offers this unique opportunity. The Setup allows for more than 100 different applications on the same system. The great flexibility allows you to configure the components that you need. Modular design makes it easy to add more features later.


Typical system configuration:

Flow range from 0.1 ml/min to 30 ml/min (up to 200 ml/min option).

15 different solvents

Injection of 20 ml in the loop.

Injection of 1ml to 10000 ml via with valve system.



75 Samples of 10ml, 27 Samples of 50ml, 10 Samples of 250ml or 4 samples of 1000ml

Automated fractional collection of 375 fractions of 10-15 ml.

Other rack avaible for bigger or smaller vials.

Any combination also possible and a range of more than 300 different racks avaible.

Uv/Vis detector with 2 channels

Column switch with 5 columns) in different sizes and type.



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