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Gilson LC/MS Verity Purification System


Gilson LC/MS Purification System





VERITY® 1900 MS Detector


Increase the Pace of Your Discovery
Save valuable time by confirming the molecular weight of the contents of every collected fraction during the purification process, eliminating the need for subsequent analytical verification.
Collect fractions based on target mass, which allows you to:
Reduce the number of fractions per prep injectionDry down fewer fractionsReconstitute and analyze fewer fractions

Experience Unparalleled Accessibility
Chip-based technology revolutionizes the way mass spec is perceived and approached. Miniaturized system components allow the VERITY® 1900 MS Detector to:

Chip-Based Mass Spectrometry
Consume less powerNeed little maintenanceConserve valuable bench spaceRequire no nitrogen generator or roughing pumpOffer reduced noise levels compared to traditional MS


The VERITY 1900 MS Detector from Gilson offers a new approach that overcomes some of the constraints to miniaturization. The VERITY® 1900 MS Detector relies on proprietary micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology developed by Microsaic Systems. The result is the ionchip®, a palm-sized, chip-based mass detector component that has detection power similar to the larger single quadrupole mass spectrometers. The use of the innovative chip-based mass detector helps to shrink the overall VERITY® 1900 MS Detector footprint, simplifies the complexity during operation and maintenance, and offers reduced cost of ownership so the instrument can easily be accommodated in a non-specialized lab. The VERITY® 1900 chip-based mass detector, through integration with Gilson’s TRILUTION® LC software or Glider Prep software, can be programmed by simply entering in one or many target masses. Gilson’s robust and proven HPLC systems do the rest, collecting fractions based on this simple target, which makes the system easier to use by less experienced lab personnel.





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