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Antec ROXY Systems

Antec ROXY Systems

Mimicking nature's redox reactions
The on-line coupling of Electrochemistry (EC) with LC/MS has shown great potential for the investigation of drug metabolism. It offers fast electrochemical synthesis of drug metabolites for reliable quantification by mass spectrometry (MS) to be operated as a high throughput screening system. The ROXY EC system and the ROXY EC/LC system provide all the tools for EC/MS research.

Electrochemical cell on-chip for drug screening.
  • Fast synthesis of metabolites (µ-preparative)
  • Rapid risk assessments of drug-protein binding
  • Signal enhancement in MS
  • Electrochemical cleavage of proteins/peptides
  • Oxidative stress/damage of proteins, DNA, lipids, etc.

ROXY™ Potentiostat controls redox reactions

With more than 20 years of experience in Electrochemistry (EC), Antec introduces a new, dedicated Potentiostat for on-line EC/LC/MS. The ROXY™ Potentiostat generates metabolites of drugs or xenobiotics, similar to those generated during in vivo metabolic processes, in a significantly shorter time span (seconds vs. days or weeks) without any interfering components (no isolation steps required).

  • Stand alone or on-line EC/MS
  • Fully programmable, direct control, scan and activation mode
  • Large voltage range, ± 4.9 V
  • Multiple cell control (standard 2, optional up to 4)
  • Compatible with Reactor™ and µ-PrepCell™
The ROXY™ Potentiostat is based on state-of-the-art electronics with a large voltage range of ± 4.9 V, and a push button electrode regeneration program.

Operational parameters and external equipment can be controlled through programmable timed events. Consequently, the generation of specific oxidation products, e.g., metabolites, cleavage products, etc., and supreme control of any conceivable Redox reaction is assured.

Two in One!
The ROXY™ Potentiostat is standard supplied with one ReactorCell™, and has the capability of controlling two cells independently. This is ideal for simultaneous use of different working electrodes or potentials (parallel mode) or multiple stage oxidation/reduction of target compounds (serial mode). The ROXY™ Potentiostat can be upgraded to control up to a maximum of four ReactorCells™, and comes fully equipped with a high precision oven for optimal conversion kinetics and reproducibility (ambient up to 45°C).

General specifications


110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 260 VA, autosensing

Operating modes

DC, PAD and Scan

Potential range

between ± 4.90 V in 10 mV increments


between ± 1 V or between ± 10 V (20 bit D/A converter)


between ± 50% of max. output voltage, 5% steps

Event marker

pulse of 10% of max. output

Auto zero

triggered by keyboard, rear panel TTL input , or RS232C control


Full parametric instrument control, data acquisition at 1, 2, 5 and 10 Hz

Injector sensor

Starts system clock at injection


height 37 cm, from 7°C above ambient to 45°C, accuracy 0.5°C, stability 0.1°C; accommodates column and flow cell(s)


LCD screen, keyboard and noise (internal dummy cell)

Service mode

system settings & calibration parameters

Config mode

menu for system customisation and optimisation


upgradeable via PC (RS232)


operating temperature: 4 – 40 deg C, rel. humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing

Second flow cell

Acquisition and control of 2nd .. 4th flow cell (option)


CE, UL/CSA, RoHS compliant

DC mode


10 pA – 200 µA in 1, 2, 5 steps

Filter (cut off)

0.5 – 0.01 Hz in 1, 2, 5 steps


better than 2 pA with a dummy cell (load of 300 MOhm and 0.5 µF) with filter off, Ec +800mV and temperature of 30 oC.

PULSE mode


10 nA – 200 µA in 1, 2, 5 steps

Filter (cut off)

0.5 – 0.01 Hz in 1, 2, 5 steps

Pulse times

t1: 100 - 2000 ms; t2: 0 - 2000 ms; t3: 0 - 2000 ms in 10 ms steps

Sample times

20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 ms

SCAN mode


10 nA - 200 mA in 1, 2, 5 steps

Scan rate

1 - 50 mV/s in 1, 2, 5 steps


half, full or continuous



DC mode (5 files) and pulse mode (4 files), end cycle time, number of cycles and oven temperature. Time-based control of 50 time points as to range, filter, output contacts (2 TTL, 2 relays), auto zero, offset, valve position (if present), and E-cell.

Rear panel

I/O connections

Mains, Output, 2 Connectors 15 pins (A, B), manual valve (C), RS232C connector

Physical specifications


44 (D) x 22 (W) x 44 (H) cm = 17.3” (D) x 8.7” (W) x 17.3” (H)


14 kg without flow cell and column

For further explanation see the video recording of the ASMS presentation of prof Uwe Karst, and the computer animation on YouTube made by University of Twente. This computer animation is on YouTube and is made by University of Twente to demonstrate the traditional and electrochemistry/MS method for drug metabolite screening.

See also: A microfluidic chip for electrochemical conversions in drug metabolism studies, M. Odijk, A. Baumann, W. Lohmann, F. T. G. van den Brink, W. Olthuis, U. Karst and A. van den Berg, Lab Chip, 2009, 9, 1687-1693.

Dedicated Electrochemistry system for EC/MS

The ROXY™ EC is the ideal introduction system for Electrospray Ionization (ESI)-MS for single compound conversion. For known compounds (e.g., drug candidates, pollutants, pesticides, etc) a quick profiling and/or reconfirmation of potential metabolites is often sufficient for decision making. Therefore, target compounds can be directly infused through the electrochemical ReactorCell™ into the MS, often without the need of any liquid chromatographic separation (HPLC), making EC/MS a very powerful tool for fast metabolic profiling and related applications.

  • Single compound conversion (oxidation/reduction)
  • Direct on-line EC/MS, without chromatography (LC)
  • All parts supplied for immediate installation and use
  • Fast metabolite profiling Phase 1 and 2 metabolism
  • Huge time and cost savings
The resulting time and cost savings are substantial when compared with daunting in vivo or in vitro experiments. The ROXY™ EC System is supplied with a dual syringe infusion pump and all connecting tubing and parts for immediate installation and use "Dedicated Electrochemistry system for EC/MS".

Dedicated Electrochemistry / LC system for EC/LC/MS

With the introduction of the ROXY™ EC/LC System, Antec brings Electrochemistry (EC) to the fingertips of every mass spectrometrist, making on-line EC/LC/MS for automated screening of numerous samples available for the first time.

The system is based on state-of-the-art fluidics, implementing the ReactorCell™ as part of the autosampler. Furthermore specifically designed liquid handling programs allow for the addition of reagents, making Phase II reactions, i.e., adduct formation, in drug/xenobiotic metabolism easily accessible.

  • Fast metabolic screening of numerous samples
  • On-line EC/LC/MS of complex samples
  • Compatibility with any MS via contact closure
  • Mimicking oxidative stress/damage of proteins, DNA, lipids, etc.
  • Simulating nature’s Redox reaction
Other applications include the studies of covalent drug-protein binding or the studies of reagents, e.g., antioxidants on biopolymers and their biotransformation [1].

The system further comprises a binary high pressure gradient system to assure minimal dwell volume and access to a wide flow rate range, covering conventional HPLC (4.6 mm i.d. columns) down to microbore HPLC (1 mm i.d. columns).





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